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It’s Live!

Ya’ll! We are so excited to share a video we made for our good friend, Brittani from Brittani Elizabeth Photography! We had this idea a year ago that we would love to make promo films for photographers because nobody has them! Seriously, if you’re photographer go and take a look at some of your photography friend’s websites and see if they have a promo video. The answer is most likely no. So we wanted to fix that. Josiah joined Brittani on an engagement shoot one afternoon and photographed her in action! Hopefully what comes across is Brittani’s love for her couples, for photography and her laid back and fun personality. She is so sweet and she’s actually shooting Steph’s sister’s wedding this coming May! It’s going to be so much fun!

Her new brand and website just went live and so did her promo film! Go check out her new website – – and watch her promo video below!

The exciting thing for us is that Brittani was kind of a guinea pig. A test subject and a learning experience. We wanted to give this a test run before we really started getting into this more, but now we’re ready! We want to make promo films for photographers that don’t just have a single shoot, but mixes together a wedding, an engagement and some of your personal life so that your clients can get an idea of who you are at a glance in 60 seconds or less! If you’re interested in a promo film for your business, head over here to check out some more info, watch our promo film, and maybe drop us your name so we can get to know you! We’d love to work with you and get you an awesome video that all of your past and future brides can share!

Brittani Elizabeth Photography’s Promo Film

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