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Finding a photographer can be just as difficult as choosing your venue. In some ways it is more difficult because you can’t see the final photographs from your wedding before it happens. You have to rely on them to deliver beautiful images based on the work they’ve done in the past. At least when you are choosing on a venue you know what it will look like when they give you a tour of the location. But photography changes based on the light, the timing, and many other variables so it’s important to find a photographer you trust will provide the beautiful images that you’ve seen them produce on their website, but it’s also vital for you to feel a connection to them. Below are 5 tips to help you find your photographer and to help you choose them.

1. Ask Your Friends

Most of us have married friends and if you don’t then we’re sure that you have friends on Facebook who knows a photographer. Ask you Facebook friends to recommend a wedding photographer and watch your status blow up with comments from people who are proud to share photographers they trust! Ask your married friends who they hired for their wedding and if they would recommend you hiring that photographer.

2. Search WeddingWire/The Knot

WeddingWire and The Knot provide an amazing list of photographers and other vendors who are in your region. You can filter them through price range, style and location along with read their reviews and see their work right there on the site! We found our photographer on WeddingWire and thought it was so incredibly helpful!

3. Venue Vendor List

This one is super easy. Ask your venue who they would recommend for a photographer. They’ll only recommend people they love to work with, or people who are on their vendor list and who have photographed weddings at their venue. Many venues will also have sample albums showcasing photographer’s work at their venue.  To be on some vendor lists, you’ll need to have multiple good reviews and shoot multiple weddings at that venue. It’s not easy to be added to a vendor list. You can be sure that those photographers have experience shooting at your venue.

4. Instagram Hashtags

If you are still having trouble finding a photographer, you may be able to search your venue with a hashtag. For example, Steph and I were married at The Barn on Bridge and I just searched the hashtag #TheBarnOnBridge and 115 images appeared with multiple photographers. You can also search local hashtags like #PhillyBride or #PhiladelphiaWeddingPhotographer and other random hashtags that may result in their work being shown.

5. Read Their Blogs

You now have a list of photographers who’s work you’ve seen on Facebook, Instagram or WeddingWire and The Knot, but they may have only shown you their best 20 images or 40 images. We highly suggest reading their blogs to see how consistent they are with their wedding photos. Do they deliver beautiful work every time regardless of a sunny day, rainy day, or cloudy day? In their blog they will share more images from each wedding and they may even share some helpful tips for weddings or personal information to help you get to know them better! It’s important to have a connection with your photographer. You’ll potentially be with them longer on your wedding day than you will be with your future spouse.

BONUS – Ask For A Meeting

If you’re still on the fence, reach out to them and ask if you can meet with them at Starbucks or at least have a phone conversation with them to ask them some questions. You’ll know after talking or meeting with them if you guys are a good fit.

Choosing a photographer is a difficult and important decision so we truly hope this helps!

Finding & Deciding On Your Photographer

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