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For The Engagement Session

Last week we gave you ladies some tips and advice on dressing for your engagement session! We’re following that up with how to prep your groom for the session before we jump into some style tips for him next week. By now you know if your man likes getting his picture taken or if he’s more camera shy. Either way, we’ll make sure he is comfortable, but there is some homework that we suggest you do on your end to make our job a little easier and to make your groom excited about the engagement session.

Most guys aren’t thrilled with the idea of getting their photo taken for two hours, primarily because they don’t have an exception of what will happen or why it’s important to you. We highly suggest taking fifteen minutes to educate and empower your man. Share with him why you chose your photographers and their style of photography. Then show him three of your favorite engagement sessions that they’ve photographed and explain why you love them while expressing how much it means to you. Take it from us, he’ll light up the camera for you! More often than not, men don’t really like getting their photo taken because they had a bad experience in the past or they don’t think they’ll be good at it. We totally get it! We have spent countless hours learning how to make our couples feel comfortable and confident in front of camera! I mean, that’s why we do the engagement session in the first place, to make you realize that you are incredible, beautiful, and for the guys, GQ status, which ultimately leads to confidence on the wedding day. By the time we’ve finished with the engagement session, your man won’t believe how fast it went and just how much fun they had and they’ll be looking forward to photos on the wedding day that much more!

Preparing Your Groom

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