Why You Should Buy A Suit Over Renting A Tuxedo

What Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day?

I’ve been there. In the Men’s Wearhouse being measured for my tuxedo for my wedding. I chose to wear a Vera Wang gray tux with a yellow bowtie and let me tell you… it looked good! All my groomsmen wore the same tuxedo with a yellow tie. Each tux cost around $200 to rent for the weekend and if I had 6 people rent tuxes then I would get mine for free! Awesome deal! Or at least I thought it was. If I had to do it all over again, I would forget the tux and I would buy a suit. It would have potentially become more expensive for me and my groomsmen, but there’s so many benefits to buying a suit over renting a tuxedo for your wedding.

You Get To Keep It!

Obviously this is huge! When your wedding is over and you’re back from your honeymoon guess what will be sitting in your closet? That’s right! Your suit! It was there for you on your wedding day and it’ll be there for you again! You might’ve spent a bit more money on a suit but at least you get to keep it. When you rent a tux, you’ll pay a few hundred dollars and then 3 days later, you have to give it back. Tuxes are high class for sure, but a suit is good for any occasion and you’ll never have a better excuse to buy one.

It Will Fit Correctly

I went for my tux fitting a few months before my wedding. They did all the measurements and sent in the order. From the time of my fitting to the first time I tried it on and picked it up (2 days before my wedding, I might add), I must’ve lost an inch or two off my waist because the pants felt huge and there wasn’t time to alter them. That was the first time I wish I bought a suit instead of renting a tux. The nice part about buying a suit is that you physically get to buy it. It’s yours. You own it. That means that when you get a suit off the rack, you’ll get to take it home! Or if you’re getting it custom made, then they’ll mail it to you and you can try it on long before your wedding day!

This is awesome because you can try it on a month before and if there’s an issue with how it fits, you can alter it to fit you perfectly! There’s nothing that looks better on a man than a well tailored suit. Just ask Don Draper or Barney Stinson. Men have worn suits for decades and they’re not going anywhere. It gives you power, prestige and confidence.

There’s More Options

Lastly, you may find that there are so many more options when buying a suit. The tuxes that you normally see at Men’s Wearhouse or Joseph A. Bank. limit you. They may only come in grey, black, white or blue and sometimes they’ll do another color, but when it comes to a suit. Your options and combinations are nearly unlimited. From different types of fabrics to a variation of patterns and all the way to the vents, pockets, sleeves, lapels and buttons. There’s so many options! You’ll find that there are even more colors to choose from.

Maybe you want to wear a light grey, dark grey, black, or blue suit, but you can also find green suits, brown suits, tan suits, maroon suits, and flannel suits. Grey flannel has been pretty popular since the 30s! There’s a million options to choose from, but don’t let that scare you. Start small. Figure out your colors and then move on to patterns (flannel, pin stripe, etc..) and after you have that then decide on accent colors with your vest, tie and pocket square. Baby steps! Take a look at GQ on Instagram or visit their website. They may provide you with some inspiration. No joke, they just released an article today on how Custom Suits Are Cool Again and Actually Affordable!

Now, they’re idea of affordable is over $1,000, but you can find off-the-rack suits that fit incredible and people will never know the difference between off-the-rack and a custom made. The rule to live by is this…

 a well tailored suit will make you look like a million bucks whether you spent $300 or $1300.

Why You Should Buy A Suit Over Renting A Tuxedo

Why You Should Buy A Suit Over Renting A TuxedoWhy You Should Buy A Suit Over Renting A Tuxedo

Why You Should Buy A Suit Over Renting A Tuxedo

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