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Throwing out a real quick and simple tip today. We feel really strongly about having the bride and groom getting ready in the same space. Below sharing some of our reasons as to why and you can decide if it’s the best thing for you or not.

Our Advice

If you want more photos of the two of you getting ready on the wedding day, well this is the blog for you. We highly recommend that the bride and the groom get ready in the same location. This can be in two different bridal suites at the venue; two different rooms in a hotel; or even two different rooms in a giant AirBnb rental. We want to be able to walk from the brides room to the groom’s room in less than 5 minutes. Doing this means you’ll get more photos. We won’t be spending a chunk of time in the car driving from the bride to the groom for getting ready photos.

If the groom is 10 minutes from the bride then that could be a 20 minute round trip journey for me where you’re not getting photos. More often than not, we don’t go to the groom’s getting ready. Instead, we “reshoot” or stage those getting ready photos of him tying his tie, putting on his jacket, etc., at the ceremony space. The best way to avoid that though and have us capture the real moment is the get ready in the same location. It’ll also cut down on logistics for you and for us. This means you can you won’t have to worry about your bags getting from one house or hotel to the right location after the wedding either. All of your stuff will already be with you in the right place on the morning.

130+ Weddings

After 130+ wedding photographed, we found that getting ready in the same location is 100% the BEST way to go. It’ll streamline the entire morning and make the photography process simpler. It’ll also make your life easier logistically because you’ll all be in one place. So that’s our quick little tip for you to help maximize our time photographing your day so you end up with more authentic moments and more photos overall.

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Should You Get Ready In The Same Place?

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