Black Tie Manhattan Engagement - Josiah & Steph Photography

Nishaad + Alexa

We had the chance to photograph a Manhattan engagement session for Nishaad + Alexa earlier this week. It’s always nice to get out of the usual spots we shoot in and be in a space that is very different for us. We don’t make it up to New York City all that often, but we love getting the chance to visit there every now and then. Nishaad + Alexa crushed their session They went full black tie with Nishaad wearing a blue tuxedo from The Black Tux. Alexa’s dress was gorgeous as well and they were both definitely turning heads as they walked up the street. They gave us an awesome tour of the city as well taking us all over the place. We shot in front of the Flatiron Building which was under construction unfortunately. Then we hit the subway down to Washington Square Park and walked around the city to The Highline and finished up there. It was a lot of walking, but it was so much fun!

To Nishaad + Alexa:

We had such an awesome time with you during your engagement session in Manhattan! Thanks for inviting us up and be willing to travel all over the city. We love the way these photos turned out! We can’t wait to do it all over again in a couple months for your wedding, but until then we hope you enjoy this sneak peek for your engagement photos!

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Black Tie Manhattan Engagement


  1. Anu Garrison says:

    Such amazing photos. Love the silhouettes.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Such beautiful pictures!! The subway ones are a nice touch and I love the ones in the park!

  3. Sarina says:

    I absolutely love the pictures on the cobblestone by the 2 colored doors. You wouldn’t even know you were in NYC!!

  4. Geetha says:

    Gorgeous!! You make that subway look good!

  5. Neena says:

    These pictures are amazing! I love the variety and how wonderfully they capture the essence of Alexa and Nishaad’s life together in the city. Alexa and Nishaad—you guys look stunning!

  6. Manik says:


  7. Lauren says:

    All spectacular! I’ve been telling my sister to check you out for her 2022 wedding.

  8. Galina says:

    Love these!! The glam outfits in the subway are awesome

  9. Bridget says:

    Those pictures are absolutely stunning!!!

  10. Jennifer Mount says:

    Absolutely stunning! These photos should be in a NY bridal magazine.

  11. Joanie Heissenbuttel says:

    These pictures really capture the authenticity of New York City. Gorgeous couple in a gorgeous setting. Well done!

  12. Alexa says:

    Thank you so much Josiah and Steph! We had the best time with you both absolutely love the photos

  13. Amber jackson says:


  14. Tammy Vinci says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!! You guys look amazing!!

  15. Sean Jackson says:

    These pictures came out great!! Can’t wait for wedding! You guys look amazing

  16. Lauren Tarullo says:

    Stunning pictures!!!!

  17. Kelly Jackson says:

    Wow! Beautiful couple and stunning pictures!

  18. Kevin Jackson says:

    Love the variety! So many great shots!!

  19. Tara says:

    Wow I love these!! Gorgeous couple!

  20. Rick Jackson says:

    Great Pictures!!

  21. Len Garrison says:

    This photo shoot is spectacular!!

  22. David Furman says:

    Wow it’s pictures like these that make me forget that such travesties like hbo max exist in the world. They look so in love, and the photos are spectacular.

  23. Megan Thompson says:

    Love love love these!

  24. Madeleine says:

    Wish I had a love like this!!!!!

  25. Jenna Ferlise says:


  26. Elite says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!!! Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous couple

  27. Kerri says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  28. Janine Smentkowski says:

    These photos are stunning!

  29. Caitlin says:

    I love all of these so much!

  30. Opal says:

    So stunning!!! Love you both so much.

  31. Jane says:

    The subway shots are the best!

  32. Leela says:

    I love the pictures.

  33. Mike says:

    The formalwear against the urban background is amazing. Awesome pictures!

  34. Rachel says:

    Love love love

  35. Bianca says:

    The clocktower shot!! :O

  36. Michelle says:

    Beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. Tom says:

    So pretty 😍 these make me so happy 🙂

  38. Damien says:

    Awesome pics you guys! Cant wait for the wedding.

  39. Nishaad says:

    Thanks so much for these engagement photos. We had the best time with you both and love them all!

  40. […] few months back we met up with Nishaad and Alexa for their beautiful engagement session in Manhattan, NY. We’ve been excitedly looking forward to their wedding at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club […]

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