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Year In Review

2021 was hands down the busiest year we’ve ever had! That is thanks in part to the pandemic pushing back the majority of our weddings from 2020. But it is also due to all of the incredible couples who put their trust in us to photograph and film their wedding days. It was difficult to narrow everything down to just 150 photos from weddings in 2021, but we did our best.

Some quick stats:

  • 33 weddings photographed and/or filmed
  • 20 weddings were both photo and video
  • 33,000 edited photos delivered
  • ~110,000 photos taken at weddings throughout 2021
  • Furthest wedding was in 3,290 miles away in Cancun, Mexico
  • Closest wedding was 6.3 miles away at Philander Chase Knox Estate in Valley Forge Park
  • 10,000+ miles traveled roundtrip for weddings in 2021

It was a crazy year and by the end of it we were absolutely beat. Despite all the craziness that this year brought, we think we did some of our best work in 2021 and we’re excited to keep creating in 2022 with some really awesome couples! Below you’ll find some of our favorite images from the year. We tried to grab 150 great images, but of course, there are images we didn’t include that are just as great. We couldn’t possibly narrow it down, but this will give you a gist of some of the work we created this year with some of the best couples ever! So here’s 150 photos from weddings in 2021.

150 Photos From Weddings in 2021

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